Wednesday, April 24, 2013

24/4/13 II

I’m too drunk,
You’re too cute,
I want to die, sweet bliss in me,
And I watch the razor by my side.

Throbbing lips,
For all wrong reasons,
Cup too close to mouth,
Where yours should be.

Pink tongues,
Like summer flowers,
Blossoms, but,
In other’s hearts, and other’s mouths.

I’m sleepy,
And I want to die,
All part of night’s sweet ritual,
Morning’s foe. 


I wish for bliss,
That curses me so,
A sad dripping,
Crumbling so.

Sits on my tongue,
Like acid strips,
But not to melt,
Never to provide me with your side effects.

I wish for blood,
The kind that makes me happy,
And drips like happiness,
From copy paper white skin.

Do you understand me?
Everyone else unmet seems to understand,
But you souls surrounding me,
Have selfish hearts content.

I wish for intoxication,
But I’m already drunk,
And you hate drunk girls,
Why don’t you talk to my anxiety?

My tongue wants to melt with yours,
But only in a hazy dream,
Will lust ever materialize,
I’ll kill myself before I’ll let you near.

You don’t even know your name, do you?
As laughter erupts outside,
All I think is, Mason,
Do you ever think of me?

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I waste away,
As I waste my day,
And I can't help but hate myself,
As I sit upon my window shelf,
And watch the world go by,
And suck my soul bone dry.

My head is dizzy,
But you're too busy,
I want a bite,
But fear the spite,
Let me conduct the self destruction,
Under you soft spoken instruction.

Hear the drum beat roar,
Didn't you know this is what you asked for?
Your lustful marching band,
I'm still drowning, you're on dry land,
But even so, even so,
I'll still play your game show.