Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In the city that never sleeps

Lights flickered down on the thousands of people below, and cast a full spectrum of colour on the dancers, distorting the eyes of all who looked up, making reality and fantasy a blur; a colourful cloud. Muscles tensed and relaxed, moved and stretched along with the heavy thump of the music, programmed by the sound god who seemed so little, so far up above the crowds in his booth. He controlled the energy of the house and his followers were never disappointed. He looked over his subjects, a smile playing on his face at his creation, that he can make thousands of people move in unison by his hand.
Drinks mixed, cash exchanged, silent words made, but sound meshed with the music. Red lips and gleaming teeth make their way to the bar. She doesn’t try to speak, she knows words are useless when deafening sounds triumph the room. Fluro nails tapped on the counter top table as she waited for a drink. Folds of fabric clung to her sides, and her dark hair glued down to her face in clumps by layers of water and sweat. She couldn’t help but move side to side along with the rhythmic sounds. She played with the many beaded necklaces wrapped around her neck while she closed her eyes, letting her mind wander with the ever changing music. Her exhaustion was taking over her senses, and the tiny voice inside her head, telling her to go to sleep was starting to reach the surface. But she wouldn’t let the insane nose of her everlasting sensibility to take control. This night wasn’t over yet, and she was going to make it last a life time. She downed the sweet bright pink drink and let the alcohol pick up her energy. The buzz traveled through her veins like a shot of adrenalin and she was back on the dance floor, lost in the thousands jumping in the air, trying to reach the unreachable. Her head flicked back and fourth, long hair following its movements, regardless of the heavy weight of sweat. Glitter fell from the heavens and the beautiful fantasy world settled on the woman as her reality. She had lost sense of time, and though the sound god had done his job for the night, her night was far from over.
Another few drinks down, all different colours to match her nails. Old faces lost in the hundreds of bodies moving in all directions, new faces met and lost as quickly as they came. Night rolled on and the dawn was making its approach. The world was a haze for the woman now, but she didn’t want to let it go. The fantasy was making its escape, and real life would be forced.
Sunlight burned through her eye lids and the heat of the summer was too heavy for comfort. Mascara caked eyelashes fluttered open, and sleepily, blood red eyes glanced across the hotel room; she had some how found a way home. Memories were scarce, but good times were never without a mild case of amnesia. Lost thoughts would be replaced with photos and another all nighter was just around the corner. Just another night the city that never sleeps.


  1. You need to break up the paragraphs in your posts- it'll give your readers a break and make the post organized. Big blocks like this scare readers off because they think the story/post will never end. Also check your spelling. It should be cast not casted(first line. Other than that this was really good. You have great imagery and the story really flowed. Great Job.

  2. Thanks for the help. Appreciate it!