Saturday, March 3, 2012

There is beauty in a large endless field, with no buildings breaking up the sheets of green merging with the crystal blue sky. They are isolated from great human expositor, but not so forgotten to let nature take back what once it owned. The grass is clipped, and the animals graze, but the trees run wild, stretching their limbs to the heavens like a waking giant.

There’s a point between normality and happiness, and the explosion within the mind that is insanity. It is one moment in an innocent day, where you can feel yourself going mad, those points where you know you should feel calm and happy, but all your insides are screaming in agony to fall apart and let themselves decay with the precious earth it grew from. And you are not certain for what reason they want to give up. Your mind just doesn’t want to try anymore. Inside you are dead.
I am dead, mentally; ready to give up my body to the demons that haunt me in the night, the ones that live under my bed. They are my friends. They understand me, because they know what terrifies me. They are prepared to take my soul when I let them, saving me from the real word that rejects me and my words that were so innocent and precious to me once.

There’s a music that sparks an anger within me. It is music that is on the brink of perfection, igniting in me an idea, a world so pure and perfect. But I still wait on the other side of an opaque window, not being able to touch my creation, but watch it vaguely. It drives me insane! To have something so close an it is so agonizing to not be able to put this unspoiled world into words, to share and admire. To be able to see it as real. It can never be done.

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