Friday, April 30, 2010


I need help! Will you help me?
I’m trapped; a prisoner to a cruel and evil master. He has trapped my feet under ground, holding me in place; eliminating any chance for escape. He has cut off my arms, right to the shoulder. But when the fingers begin to show, my master, he gets angry. He sharpens his knives and cuts deeper into the flesh.
“To preserve your beauty my dear.” he tells me. My head is his prize; my beauty is his goal. One faultless head to preserve forever. Our only purpose in life is to reach perfection. I have seen many times my brothers and sisters falling to disease, dying before their time. Others I have watched reach acceptation from the master, only to reach the chopping block. My poor friends; I loved them so.
But if you’re lucky; if you’re perfect, you may get to live. My lucky brothers and sisters have their one foot in the grave, far, far away from our master. That’s what keeps me going.
Our conditions are harsh. We get fed once a day; always cold and in liquid form. But it is sufficient. Everyday we are groomed, to keep out arms and feet in check. The master slowly tries to sculpt us into his perfect prize.
Can you save me? Will you save me? My name is Rose; don’t let them kill me. Please don’t.

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