Monday, July 26, 2010

My Frustration

Terror courses through my veins. it bites at my insides, ripping me apart from within. The fear takes over, leaving me in the dark, where my eyes are useless. I don't know who i am anymore. Darkness has taken away my identity. I am a puppet to worry, to stress, to pressure. I am sculpted by the cruel words that hit me like rocks and cut me like knives. Expectation and assumptions are what keep me up at night. They are what scream in my ears - "YOU WILL FAIL." until i scream and kick with frustration, but they're gone the second i try to look for them. Insomnia eats away at my sanity, and the temptation of false bliss floats about it all, whispering in my ear that it could all go away.
But I will break through, I will stand strong. I am power and I am strength. Nothing and nobody can or will ever keep me down. I may carry these weights on my back, but I keep my head held high. I will not be broken.

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