Thursday, August 5, 2010


I ran up the furthest hill, the highest hill that blocked my view of what should be the rest of the world. But I knew i would never be able to pass it, because when i reached the tree at the top of the hill i realised the blurriness in my vision that i expected from a distance was still apparent, even though i was only metres away from the great oak.
I stopped, looking at it for a minute, before reaching out to touch the tree with the tips of my fingers. I prayed as hard as I could, to who ever could hear me, asking that this tree was real; that i just needed glasses; that i was just being paranoid; a cruel trick of the mind.
But just before reaching the tree my fingers were stopped by an invisible force that was as hard and as cold as concrete.
"No." I whispered. "No, this can't..." I placed my hand firmly on the invisible wall. I squeezed my eyes shut, so hard that it gave me a headache.
"This isn't real. This isn't real!" i said over and over again, eyes still squeezed shut. But when i opened my eyes there was still the out-of-focus tree, inches from my touch.
"No!" I screamed, hitting my fists against the wall. I hit so hard with both hands, that I felt I was shaking the ground I stood on. The world around me was suddenly silenced. Not a noise from the town below, not a bird, not even the sound of the wind was heard. Then suddenly, as if it had all come rushing back to me, the world started motion again, and i was shoved back by an invisible force. My head throbbed and my vision was distorted. My thoughts were in panic, a thousand at once screaming and shouting to be heard. But the one that stood the tallest, the one that i could hear clearly - run. get out of here. Now! I obeyed, running back into town, looking for an escape.
The small town, that was usually packed with people, walking in the streets, the the parks, at the markets, all seemed to have disappeared. My heart raced, thumping at my chest, wanting an escape as desperately as I did. i ran to the closest house, and banged on the old wooden door.
"Hello? Is anyone there?" no answer. I ran and climbed over the fence, and thumped on the second door. Still no answer.
"There's no one left, Mummy. No point in trying." I spun around on my heels to face the voice. There she was. Little Hana, such a small and fragile girl, the rings around her eyes growing darker every day. She stood tall and intimidating, even though she looked sick and dying.
"Where is everyone?" i asked, surprised that sound actually came out of my mouth considering how scared i was.
"I sent them away. They were ruining the fun." she said with a sickly sweet voice. "Come and play with me mummy?" she slowly took a few steps forward, and with every step she grew an inch. I took a step back, but i was only pressed against the door.
"Don't you want to play?"
" playing." I whispered, my voice cracking. I could feel the tears rising up; i couldn't stop them from running down my cheeks.
"Mummy? Don't you love me anymore?" she stopped moving, waiting for my reply. She stood now just past the garden fence of the house. She was almost as tall as me. He body was so stretched out, she didn't even look human anymore.
"No." was all i could seem to say. The anger suddenly boiled inside Hana and she ran towards me, her long and powerful arms reaching out for me.

"You're going to have to make a decision, Mr Lancaster. I'm sorry to have to ask you such a question, but we need the hospital beds." Said a voice.
"Yes I understand. Do you think you could give me another day?" I couldn't see anything, but somehow the voices made sense.
"James?" I called. I knew it was him. I had never heard his voice, but I knew, i just knew.
"Jensen? Jensen!" he yelled. I still couldn't see anything, but i could feel his warmth. "Doctor! She's speaking!"

I opened my eyes, but I didn't see James. I was crouching down, my hands covering my head. I was leaning against the door, back with Hana. I looked around and there she was, back to her original size, staring up at the sky in fear. There was something different about the town. Everything was...darker. The clouds suffocated the usually brilliant blue sky. The array of flowers had gone into hiding, burying their faces, leaving only the grey shades of decay where the vibrant green should have been.
"You could have been happy." said Hana. She sounded different. She wasn't a child anymore. "I made this world all for you, and you had to ruin it!"
"What are you talking about?"
"the real world isn't that great. You heard James yourself. He was considering pulling the plug. He was going to let you die!"
"You heard him to?"
"I've always heard him. Clear as day. But you, if you had just accepted this perfect world, that I made all for you, and stopped fighting, you would have never have had to hear what they've said." She was angry and upset, but i could see it on her face that she truly wanted me to stay.
"If I didn't fight, I would have never known about my real life, my real family." I stood up. I wasn't going to take anymore from this child. I wasn't going to let her take over my life, letting me die, when I knew I could fight back.
"You wouldn't have a daughter if I had never brought you here." she said, her voice so small and weak, not in fear, but a plea. That struck me hard. The one thing I've always wanted and something I won't ever have. "Please stay." It was only a whisper, but I could hear every emotion in her words. She was so weak now, trying to hold me back.
"Jensen! Please talk to me!" I hear him cry from the sky. The world was beginning to crumble and Hana was dying.
"I can't stay. I'm sorry." The ground shook, and a nearby tree fell loudly to the ground. Ignoring her surroundings, Hana ran up to me and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her fragile little body. She was so cold.
"Goodbye." I whispered.
"Don't forget me." Her words were almost gone.

Beep, beep, beep. The familiar sound rung loudly in my ears. The noise that had filled my dreams was now coming out into reality. I opened my eyes, and looked up at James who was standing over me.
"It's a miracle." said the doctor standing off by the door.

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