Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The men's grips around my arms were strong, and no matter how much i struggled, how much i kicked, I knew i was never going to make it, and the explosion of colour in the distance confirmed that. The loud, horrible bang crawled under my skin like ants; biting and swarming through my insides destroying me from the inside out. But I couldn't let the death of my star to be the death of me as well. For a moment the two men on either side of me forgot that they were holding me down and gazed up at the beautiful death lighting up the sky like fireworks. I quickly pulled back my arm from the first unsuspecting man. I had only a second to act, but that was all I needed. The second man was well built, but didn't have the height that the first man had. I swung my arm up at the second guy, hitting him in the nose with my elbow. He fell backwards, clutching his bloody face. I fell to the ground to avoid the arms of the first man, reaching out to grab me. I swung my leg around and hit him in the back of the knee. He fell awkwardly backwards and hit his head on one of the blue pillars. He didn't get up so i assumed he was unconscious. But I didn't give him much thought, because the second man was getting up. He was still clutching his face with one hand. But i didn't let him take two steps. Just as he was at arms length, I drove the knife I pulled from my boot into his stomach. I didn't realise what I have done until I saw the life fade from his face. I let him drop to my feet, but as soon as my brain began to function again, I dragged him to sit beside the other man. It made me sick to even look at him, let alone haul him away.
I looked up at the empty sky. The colourful light was starting to fade, but there was a small burst of warmth that burned my skin as a result of the distant explosion. That had happened frequently since the first blast, though none as hot as that one.
I was stuck on the little island planet , slowly drifting away from the dead sun. My home; my star was destroyed and I could do nothing except wait. Wait with a dead and an unconscious man, wondering what would come first; the wake of the man that could very well kill me, or the wave of gases and heat from the explosion that would vapourise the entire planet?

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