Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The morning sun rose slowly over the watery horizon. I usually never got up early enough to see the sun rise, but today was special. White light laced the edges of the moons crowding in the sky and the rays of warmth stretched out to the stars that were disappearing, one star at a time. There wasn’t a noise at all where I sat. Not a single animal or insect. Not even the sound of the gentle wind. The eerie silence gave me chills, even though it was humid for such an early morning. The sun rose to blast its energy my way, and I had to shield my eyes for only a moment before it slowly disappeared behind the first small moon. There would be three eclipses this morning; by midday they would be finished, and by then I would be gone.
Suddenly a bright light appeared in the distance, brighter than the morning sun, that it forced me to turn away. An exploding star, maybe? The bright white faded into the many colours of a supernova; pink blue yellow, so many different shades. It was beautiful. Too bad something so beautiful could be the destruction of a planet that held a race of people, just like my own. There used to be a time when a nova was a rarity, something unique, but in these times, it was a common, devastating event. How things have changed.

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