Friday, March 5, 2010


It was almost done, almost around his wrist.
"Hey! What are you doing?!” yelled the guard, jerking his hand away. But it was too late for him, it was done. I flipped the switch, and the blue glow from the shackles held his wrist in place. I grabbed the gun from his desk before quickly jumping away from his grasp. He grabbed at the air in front of me; I could feel his skin brush past, just missing me. I staggered back a bit, holding the gun out in front of me with two hands. My hands were shaking. The guard hesitated for a moment before realising I was completely incapable with a gun and pulled his own gun from his belt and aimed it at me. Shit. I was going to die. I racked my brain for something, anything.
'I wouldn't shoot if I was you." I said, hoping I didn't sound as nervous as I felt. He narrowed his eyes. 'I am the daughter of the ancient king."I said, straightening my back as I did. He only widened his eyes, but he still looked as though he doubted everything I said."And if the legends are true, then it is pointless since you can not harm or kill me." I didn’t want to have to prove it to him.
"That's bullshit!" he didn't hesitate and shot the gun. The bullet flew too fast for me to react and it pierced through my shoulder. I could hear my bone shatter and I had to use every ounce of my energy to stay standing. He shattered my right shoulder, making my arm fling back and throw my gun behind me. I tried to grip it as it slipped from my fingers, but I realised then that I could not longer move my hand or fingers. Never had I experienced anything as painful, never in my life do I want to experience that again. I bit down hard on my lip and stood for a moment to regain myself. My vision started to blur and fade and I suddenly got vey light headed. I looked down slowly at the large wound surrounded by crimson drenched fabric. The blood seeped down and dripped on the floor. It wasn’t working, all I was told was a lie. I reached up to the wound and as my finger made contact with the open flesh the searing pain that I thought couldn't get any worse increased so intensely I thought I was going to be sick. I let a noise that sounded between a hiss and a moan escape my lips. Tears swelled in my eyes as I dug deeper in find the bullet. Finally my fingers clasped around the hot metal and in one jerking motion, I pulled the bullet from my shoulder. I bit down on my lip so hard that I thought I tasted blood. I flicked the bullet away and heard the ping sound as it bounced off the floor.
"Is that all you’ve got?"I asked, my voice sounding breathless. The man laughed and aimed at me again, this time at my head. Suddenly joy surged though me, every happy memories I had in my mind suddenly bubbled to the surface. I felt like I was just about to start laughing hysterically, I was so happy. I looked at the guard and saw his face had dropped and his attention was back on my shoulder. I followed his gaze and watched the bullet wound heal before my eyes. The immense pain soon left too. The guard dropped his gun and backed away.
"What are you?" He asked. I could only grin as I left the room.

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