Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love is a melody

The music is so soft,
yet it beats inside of me,
louder than my heart.

It makes me want to shout,
to sing,
to make the world know of my happiness.

So beautiful and sweet,
Warm and comforting,
I feel safe when I hear the notes ring loudly in my ears.

I makes me catch my breath,
makes my skin tingle,
Makes me want to cry and laugh.

I have to hear it,
over and over,
I never want it to end.

But then the notes get slower,
softer than before,
and I know I don't have long to soak it in.

For this is just another song,
just another melody,
just another boy trying to win my heart.


  1. wow! powerfull... who wrote that?

  2. thanks
    I wrote it - i write everything on this blog.