Friday, March 5, 2010

Love's Ghost

Suddenly the feeling of panic that I had experienced earlier that day returned to me, along with the splitting headache, waves of nausea and rusty metal taste in my mouth. I looked franticly around in a panicked daze to see where he was. In such a small and confined space I was hoping he would keep his distance. Only this time he wasn’t there. But he had to be right? It was funny to think that now I was expecting the boy who had terrorised me in my darkest moments. It took me a few moments to realize that he was there, lingering above my head watching me, always watching me. He was so close! I had to catch my breath to stop myself from screaming. I could see his face so perfectly now from the dim glow coming in from the window. Square jaw, thin lips, big eyes that looked as if they could catch the light so fantastically. He would look so handsome if he wasn’t so transparent and washed out and hovering inches from my face. There was something that grew inside of me that wanted to reach up and touch him that burned through the panic that I was experiencing. But in my shackled state that was impossible. As if thinking the same thing, the boy reached down and brushed back of lock of hair that had fallen astray from behind my ear, with the tips of his fingers. They were not at all as I would have expected them. They were warm and rough, like they belonged to a boy who had dedicated his life to a punishing spot. But there was something different about his touch. It was like a jolt of electricity suddenly coursed through us both. My skin tingled and felt sweet, like chocolate. But how would I know? I’ve never eaten chocolate before, have I? I sat completely motionless as he jerked his hand back, feeling the same electricity I had. I was caught in a trance, not sure if I wanted to sink back into whatever little space I had left, or to reach of and touch him again. Oh how I now craved that jolt of electricity that buzzed though my mind. But he decided for me. He lent in and met me with a kiss so light I wasn’t sure if out lips had touched at all. The electricity that now poured through is gave me a dizzy effect that made me wonder if this was even real at all; was I imagining him, like so many had told me before? To create such a thing as this boy and this kiss with my mind was banished from my thoughts when I opened my eyes again. He hovered there, a smile playing on his lips that seemed all too familiar, before colour burst though his face. His skin gave a glow of its own and his eyes were so green and beautiful like emeralds. He reached out one last time to cup my face and his hand seemed to fit perfectly to my jaw, before finally fading into the darkness, leaving me alone, trapped with only my thoughts to play over and analyze what had just happened.

“No! Wait!” I called into the night, before I could catch the words escaping from my mouth.

“Shut up!” Yelled the man angrily from the other side of the door.

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